Attorney Reyes shares his now personal immigration Journey on CNN

Jesús Reyes

Dear friends, as a person of faith and family principles, I would like to help you thrive in the United States - a land of opportunity that for so many, has been a beacon of hope and a place we now call home.

With us, you’ll receive:

Personal Attention

As our client, you deserve to receive professional and excellent service. Personal attention and quality in our legal work is a priority in our firm.

Honesty in your Case

In the Law Office of Jesus Reyes, honesty and transparency for our clients are fundamental. For that reason, in every case we will let you know what your legal options are and the risks we can encounter in each case.


Attorney Jesus Reyes, as an immigrant himself, understands the adversities that the immigrant community faces in the United States.

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Spouse to an American Citizen.

Fiancée to an American Citizen.

International Adoptions.

Family Petitions.

Employment Visas.

Athletic and Professional.

Australian Workers – Professional Specialty.

Visa to cross the Mexican border.

Business Visitors.

Crew (serving on board or ship or aircraft in the United States).

Diplomats and officials of a foreign government.

Employees of a designated international organization and OTAN.

Exchange Visitors.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend of an American Citizen.

Military and Foreign Personnel based in the United States.

Foreign Citizens with extraordinary ability in Science, Arts, Education, Business or Athletics.

Representative of Media Information (Media, Journalist).

Transfer of employees of a company’s medical treatment, visitors for professional workers: Mexico, Canada.

Religious Workers.

Specialized Occupations in fields that require high specialized knowledge.

Victims of Crimes.

Dependents of Students – holder of an F-1 Visa.

Workers and relatives of Workers, Tourist, Investors, and Traders.



Political Asylum.

Representation in the Immigration Court.

Representation before the Board of Immigration Appeals.


Order of Supervision.

Change of Jurisdiction.


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