As it is well known, the news media has released coverage concerning the young Dreamers or Dreamers covered by the DACA program who are currently traveling to Washington in search of support so that the privilege of obtaining permission to travel can be returned. This privilege was lost during the legal confrontation between them and the Central Government, where the Judges that forced the Trump Administration to reimburse the Benefit of the DACA Program did not incorporate the travel authorization. That is to say, the permission to go abroad and re-entry, known as “advance parole”.

To whom does this circumstance affect?

This circumstance affects hundreds of young participants of academic programs which allowed them to return to their countries of origin to know their roots and go to see their closest relatives. The Dreamers no longer have the facility to legally re-enter for educational or humanitarian reasons, so from this window I support the Young Dreamers or Dreamers to return their travel permits; since I was also a Dreamer and I understand your situation.